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Staying fit in lockdown

In the face of ongoing lockdowns, enduring crappy weather and diminishing social skills, we’re opting to stay home more often.

Although sitting on the couch watching Netflix is a tempting way to spend your days, staying home is no reason to not stay physically active.

Not just to fill in all the newfound spare time you have, but also to keep your body fit and healthy, here’s a few ways to fill your cup from the confines of your home because any exercise is better than none.


Good Times Pilates


While this is an obvious one, the sheer amount of workout videos and how-tos available on the internet can be overwhelming to say the least. To get you started on your at-home fitness journey, we love Melbourne based Good Times Pilates’ online sessions, catered to every type of body, as well as the legends at Keep It Cleaner who also run a great free virtual gym. If running is more up your alley, Nike has a range of free workouts, training programs, fitness tips via their Nike Running Club and Nike Training Club apps that are equally as motivating as they are easy to use.


Who doesn’t love a clean home and healthy body at the same time? Literally just in time for Spring, now’s the perfect chance to chuck out the junk accumulating in your house and give it a much needed spray, scrub and dust. Surprisingly, household tasks such as mopping, vacuuming and clearing out old clothes and bits-and-bobs can actually burn hundreds of calories. You’ll feel better in more ways than one, we promise. 


Benefits of a flourishing veggie garden are endless, as are the benefits of actually beginning one. Once you locate the perfect, sunny spot for the garden, digging, potting and planting will leave you feeling accomplished and active. From herbs, succulents and spices to fresh seasonal tomatoes, strawberries, spinach and zucchini – there’s a seedling for every taste and grower level.


Because eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring. Find inspiration in recipes from Keep It Cleaner, Jess Nguyen on Instagram, and (our personal favourite) Jamie Oliver to help you try to mix up your meal rotation and add in some fun, wholesome ideas. If you manage to kick-start your veggie garden, incorporating your fresh home-grown veggies, herbs and spices in wholesome meals is an awesome way to boost your mood and immunity. In addition to a great, balanced diet, incorporating healthy beverages into the mix such as cactus water can do wonders for your internal and external health. 


Stretching your body and practicing your yoga skills is infinitely great for your body, mind and soul. From the beloved Yoga With Adrienne to lesser known online coaches such as the online yoga platform ‘Will, there’s a level to suit you, your capabilities and goals. Once you get into a good rhythm, you’ll be a full-blown expert in no time and your body will truly thank you for it.


In lieu of dancefloors reopening and concerts being cancelled, now’s the perfect time to nail your go-to moves in the comfort of your own home. As fun as it is, dancing is not only great for your body, but it also works wonders on your mind. Whether you’re solo boogying or have a few housemates to bump alongside, chuck on a great Spotify playlist (we like this one for easy current pop and early 00s pop grooves) and let your body do the rest. For those who might need a little more direction, The Upbeat’s are offering live-streamed dance-focused workouts and the pros from Sydney Dance Company have opened their own new virtual studio classes which cover hip-hop, ballet and jazz for beginners, as well as a much need Friday Feel Good party session. 

By Ruby Staley


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