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Welcome to #BetterRecommends, a series where we share the hottest books, podcasts, exercise regimes and more. Think of us as that cool colleague who always knows where to find the best sushi in town or the hidden spin cycle class that everyone’s gramming. 

For our first round of recs, we’re serving mindful movement, meditation and two friends letting you know that it will all be okay. We hope these keep you inspired and refreshed for the week ahead. 

Guided Meditation For Everybody

Meditation: Guided Meditation for Everybody

Let’s be real. We could all use a little bit of meditation but especially right now. We’ve been trying Spotify’s Guided Meditation for Everybody, a range of meditations for whichever part of the day you choose to practice in. Created by the excellent team at Headspace the eps range from five to ten minutes and include tips for mindful eating, napping and appreciation for what you have. 

Much needed. Namaste. 

Podcast: You’re Doing Great Sweetie 

Described as “your overly enthusiastic podcast cheerleaders”, You’re Doing Great Sweetie is a new podcast from the duo behind The Zest Is History. In this new series, hosts Melissa Mason (Digital Editor of Elle and Marie Claire Australia) and Josie Rozenburg-Clarke (Head of Editorial at Pedestrian TV) muse about topics including how to make friends as an adult, having a love/ hate relationship with alcohol and what happens when your libido goes AWOL. Most of all, Melissa and Josie want you to know that you’re not alone. And that is something we could all use more of these days. 

Listen wherever you get your podcasts. 

Exercise: Good Times Pilates 

Just because half of the country is in some form of lockdown doesn’t mean we need to abandon all of our workout routines (unless you want to of course, then you do you boo). The clever team at Melbourne-based studio Good Times Pilates have created a bunch of online pilates workouts so you can stretch and strengthen from the safety of your home. 

Because they’re so generous, you can nab a 7 day free trial before joining an online membership. The classes are simple, inclusive and will probably make you feel better than watching your tenth episode of Friends in a row. 

Sign up and get moving here

The Vanishing Half by Britt Bennett

Book - Vanishing Half - Britt Bennett 

What’s better than getting lost in a good book? Forget the non-fiction and informative articles and absorb yourself in the world of The Vanishing Half by American author, Britt Bennett. 

Set from the 1950s through to the 1990s and with scenes taking place in the Deep South and California, The Vanishing Half tells the story of multiple generations of the Vignes family, two African American twins who separated as teenagers. As they both took different paths, how will they come back together and what will have changed in their identities and journeys? Enjoy Britt Bennett’s brilliant writing here

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