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Why is hydration so important

I’m a fan of hydration. I like a bit of sparkling water with my vodka… Oops, can I say that?  I’m not sure that is the best form of hydration, so back on track now, we are looking for alternatives to alcohol. 

We have heard time and again that we need to keep hydrated. But why is staying hydrated so important? 

‘It keeps our bodies functioning!’ I hear you exclaim. Yes, yes it does. But that’s a very broad statement. How does staying hydrated help our bodies? Read on!

Keeps organs functioning

Being hydrated keeps nutrients flowing around our bodies, sending them to our cells and keeping our organs functioning and healthy.

Regulates your body

If you are properly hydrated your body finds it easier to regulate temperature. Being hydrated also helps keep your digestive system regulated, making sure waste elimination is optimal. 

It may or may not be linked, but being well hydrated will also help regulate moods! Well, I suppose that if everything is in balance, you will feel better.

Improves sleep and brain power

Yes, well hydrated people are said to have better sleep quality. They are also said to have better cognition. Maybe that’s linked to better sleep? Anyway, we won’t argue semantics, the end result is the same. Sleep, cognition and mood are improved with a good drink of something healthy. Sans Vodka. Sigh.


The best way to keep yourself properly hydrated?

This is an important point with summer coming. There’s always water… and yes that is a good option, but let’s be honest that gets pretty boring pretty fast. Looking for a different option? Try drinks that are low calorie, 100% natural and high in antioxidants and electrolytes. Worried that it will taste crap? Try Cactus Water. Made from the fruit of the prickly pear cactus it has a delicious fresh watermelony taste… perfect for a summer barbie. Cactus water is naturally high in antioxidants and electrolytes and is the ultimate rehydrating drink.

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